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Welcome!To the New Age of Exploration for Web3 Pirates, as we transition towards a Web3 first experience and expand our vision for full domination of the Open Seas while sailing on $WATER

This is the right time to build your Fleet, recruit your Crew and be prepared.

Here are a few Golden Rules for success in plundering:

1. It's not just the motion of the Ocean, but the size of your Fleet. You can start with 1 Boat or you can build your own personal Armada!

2. You need at least 1 Crew for each Boat you send to the Open Seas, but having a bigger Crew might prove necessary.

3. If you want to own a Pirate Bay you need at least 1 Female Crew.

4. If you want to be able to attack a Pirate Bay you need at least 1 Ghost Web3 Ship

5. If you want to loot another Boat you need to make sure you outrank it in combined Crew skill level.

More on this soon.

Your Boats(Web3Pirates) will be part of different ranks according to how many you own:
1 Web3 Pirates - Boat - needs at least 1 Web3 Crew to be operational​
2-5 Web3 Pirates - Flottila - needs at least 2-5 Web3 Crew to be operational
6-10 Web3 Pirates - Squadron - needs at least 6-10 Web3 Crew to be operational
20-50 Web3 Pirates - Formation - needs at least 20-50 Web3 Crew to be operational
51-149 Web3 Pirates - Force - needs at least 51-149 Web3 Crew to be operational
150+ Web3 Pirates - Armada - needs at least 150 Crew and 1 Captain to be operational

First Treasure to be discovered! - at least 1M $WATER in treasure pool!

Explore the Open Seas, claim Land, trade and loot. Earn $WATER and find eGOLD treasures.